Let Fly Ballistics Calculator

Let Fly is a ballistics calculator for modeling the flight of a rifle bullet.
Compute the drop and drift of a rifle shot based more than a dozen factors of weather, range and rifle.
Let Fly is useful for adjusting aim when making long shots in all weathers.
Let Fly is simple to use in the field. We hope you enjoy it.

 Let Fly Ballistics Calculator Deluxe - $2.99 at iTunes

Let Fly Ballistics Calculator Deluxe Purchase Let Fly Deluxe

All the latest improvements, iPad support, automatic recalculation, graphical crosswind calculator, and more.

Make the most of your device's gps, internet weather, compass and inclinometer.
With the iPhone 3Gs phone's instrumentation all you input is range to target.
GPS is used to get local weather from the internet. A camera snap gives
heading for automatic crosswind and incline to target.
Let Fly automates all the ballistic inputs.

For all iTouch and iPhone devices
iPhone OS version 3 and above



 Let Fly Ballistics Calculator - $0.99 at iTunes

Let Fly Ballistics Calculator Purchase Let Fly

Solid, simple and economical.

For all iTouch and iPhone devices
iPhone OS version 2 and above.



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Let Fly Ballistics Calculator is Copyright 2009 by Daniel Aspenwall. All rights reserved.


Many thanks to brother John Aspenwall, Dan Johnson and Brent McNee for technical inputs and thanks to wife Laura for editing and sustinance. Many more thanks to the friends who helped with testing, Merle, Woz, Matt and Marylee.