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Bowling at Five Hundred Yards

Here is some fine shooting.

The Video

November 18, 2009

Just wanted to say thanks for a great app. I've been shooting high power for some 32 years, but have not been shooting as much in the past 10 years. Varmint and deer hunting was the way I grew up, taking shots only out to 300yds. So this past sunday when I was invited to shoot at a club that has a 500yd rifle range. I thought some one has bound to have written a ballistics app for the iPhone, after finding three I choose your app.

Not disappointed with my purchase, first shot from 308 was within 14 inches then correcting my fps (slider controls alittle dodgy) put me inside 8 inches. After that we began shooting clay targets, 6" silhouettes and bowling pins.

Thanks again for a great app - Hunter Graham

The One Mile Shot

Shooting at one mile. Listen close about seven seconds after the first shot for the ring of the gong.

The One Mile Shot

The Varmint